Innovative cancer therapies start here

Committed to the development of innovative therapies for human and veterinary oncology applications, we are currently developing our main drug candidate ET-D5 for both applications simultaneously. In addition, we have several other R&D programs currently in the discovery phase.

Human oncology

Developing innovative therapies to improve patient life is our primary mission. We care about you.

Veterinary oncology

Companion animals deserve the same innovative therapies than us. We will bring them ET-D5.

Other programs

We use our proprietary phenotypic screening platform to discover new effective drugs.

Our technology

Ecrins Therapeutics discovers and develops bioactive small molecules drawing on a range of core skills including phenotypical and “traditional” high-throughput screening, microscopy, chemistry R&D, medicinal chemistry, molecular modeling, and animal cancer models.
All of Ecrins Therapeutics’ drug candidates emanate from discoveries made using our drug discovery platform. For this, we screen diverse chemical compound libraries. We believe in the power of phenotypical screening; our sound knowledge in cell biology and live-cell microscopy has given us the ability to identify compounds that are active in live cells or tissues and to further characterize their mechanism of action. Using proprietary drug discovery algorithms, we were able to identify and select bioactive molecules with better “drug-like” properties faster than by following “traditional” drug screening approaches.