Founded in 2010 with the ambition to fight cancer, Ecrins Therapeutics is also committed to delivering value to its shareholders.
We strive to convert innovative science into efficient therapeutic products – promising a high return on investment.

Company profile

Founded – 2010
Headquarters – Grenoble, France
Ownership – private
Phase of development: clinical stage


  • Share capital €142 340
  • More than €3.6 M of non-dilutive funding obtained
  • €1.3M equity money raised

Management team:

  • CEO and President: Andrei Popov, MD, PhD
  • COO: Aurelie Juhem, PhD

Investment opportunity

Investing into Ecrins Therapeutics promises a high return on investment:

  • In vivo validated drug candidate ET-D5 developed for the treatment of several aggressive forms of cancer
  • Strong current IP and commitment to boost the IP portfolio
  • Exit scheduled at the end of the Clinical Proof of Concept
  • Pipeline of several products in development

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Invest in Ecrins Therapeutics

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Our assets:

  • ET-D5: first-in-class anti-cancer drug candidate with proven preclinical efficacy
  • Worldwide exclusive license (WO2011107709A1 family of patents)
  • Innovative and efficient drug discovery platform
  • Seasoned team of managers and advisors with complementary scientific and industrial experiences


Ecrins Therapeutics is open to partnerships with pharmaceutical industry to implement its challenging R&D programs.