Discovering new drugs is both our profession and our passion.

Ecrins Therapeutics is a privately held biotech company specialized in the discovery and development of innovative oncology drugs. Our main drug candidate ET-D5 is being developped for human and veterinary oncology applications and is currently in the regulatory preclinical phase. Our other R&D programs are in the discovery phase.

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Our Mission : to develop innovative therapies that bring new hope to patients.


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Welcome to Ecrins Therapeutics

But why “Ecrins”?
Our work is like a long trek to a summit, in which teamwork and perserverence are the keys to reaching our goals.
The Ecrins national park is a gorgeous part of the French Alps in which each hike is a fantastique adventure in front of amazing landscapes. At Ecrins Therapeutics, we have the unique opportunity to work in Grenoble, a city at the foot of the Alps mountain range. None of us is insenstive to the beauty that surrounds us, especially our CEO and cofounder Andrei POPOV who enjoys hiking and rock climbing in the Ecrins National Park.